Radio Interview With Brian Player, Acoustic Cafe

Monday 23rd June 2014 ends Sunday 29th June

Ange has an interview with the lovely Brian Player on his show 'Acoustic Cafe' which will be aired at various times throughout this week. (A listen again link will be available in a few weeks time) 

UK Health Radio,  and Radio Basingstoke
Thursday  1am to 2am  and  1pm to 2pm
Sunday        6am to 7am  and 6pm to 7pm

Acoustic Spectrum 
Saturday at 8pm then repeated 5pm Tuesday       

Coastal FM
Saturday at 5pm and Tuesday 7pm

Radio Bicester
Wednesday  7:30pm

Blues and Roots Radio (Canada)
Sunday at 12pm EST (6pm BST)

East London Radio  
Various times during the week

Barts and London Chest Hospital Radio
Various times during the week

This week’s playlist:

1. Simon Major– Bolero
2. Ward Thomas – Push for the Stride
3. Threepenny Bit– The Convenience
4. Anja McCloskey  – Quincy who waits in the Daffodilsl
5. Nelson King – Shattered Light
6. Ange Hardy – The lament of the black sheep
7. Ange Hardy   – Interview
8. Ange Hardy – The Sailors Farewell
9. Hicks and Goulbourn – Both sides of Tweed
10. KARA – Tinsel Town
11.Luke Jackson– White Lies
12. Martin Carthy – Harry Lime Theme

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