'Somer Valley' Live Radio Session

Tuesday 4th June 2013 from 19:00 until 20:00

Ange Hardy Will be Playing songs live from her new album 'Bare Foot Folk' and talking to Richard Harris on 'Somer Valley' Radio 97.5 fm.

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Show:Folk and Blues Show
Presenters:Richard Harris
Time:7pm on Tuesdays

Richard's love of music and tradition has developed into the "Folk and Blues Show" for Somer Valley 97.5 FM. The programme is transmitted on Tuesdays from 8 to 9pm and repeated on Sundays, 6 to 7pm.

"I like to play the music that you don't always here on the radio", says Richard, "especially from artists that put a lot into their music but because they are not 'mainstream' get very little recognition. "Folk music is a deep rooted tradition and culture within Britain that covers such a wide and diverse musical range form the Levellers though to your local artist at the folk club who has just brought out his first CD. The Blues is a part of folk as well and some say we would not have had folk music if it was not for the blues. We definitely would not have had the Beatles and the Stones if it had not been for Lead Belly and then Lonnie Donnigan."

Richard took a Radio Production Skills course with Bristol Community Radio through Bristol College in 2007. He decided to put his new found skills to good use closer to home at Somer Valley. "I only live in Chilcompton, and when I saw adverts for Somer Valley I thought, why not? So here I am!"

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