September 7th 2018

It’s with a very, very heavy heart that I have to announce that I’ve had to cancel all currently scheduled gigs and performances for 2018/2019.

If you’re a promoter or booker then you should have received, or be receiving, an email from Fancourt Music.

If you’ve already brought tickets for an upcoming concert then I’m sure individual venues and promoters will be in touch to offer options for refunds or alternative arrangements.

If you’re either of the above and want to contact me directly, please feel free.

Unfortunately Fancourt Music have made the decision that they are no longer able to represent me for live bookings. The result is that I'm simply unable to continue with any of my scheduled dates. I feel broken. I can't get on stage and perform feeling like that, and I'm so, so sorry to those I'm letting down. Mental health has to come first, and to that end we've had to take the decision to simply draw an immediate line.

I hope that Ant Miles and I will remain friends after the dust has settled.

I’m going to use the next 12-18 months to spend time with my family. I shall continue to write songs and play tunes. I may even record them. I might write that book I’ve been talking about. I’ve got a completely finished live album that I’ll try to release… but for now, "Ange Hardy" is hanging up her touring boots. I’m going to concentrate on being Angela Swan for a while.

Ange x

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