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Award winning Somerset folk songwriter and singer Ange Hardy

  • The Telegraph's Best Folk Albums of 2014 list 
  • Best Album of 2014 - FolkScene
  • #1 in Amazon's Hottest New Folk Albums
  • R2 Magazine  
  • Winner of Female Vocalist of the Year 2013 Award, Fatea Magazine
  • Top 3 of Shire Folk's Best Albums of 2014
  • Top 10 in the Amazon Folk Downloads Chart
  • Isambard Nu-Folk Award Finalist 2011, Bristol Folk Festival
  • FolkWords June 2014 - Album of the Month
  • BBC Somerset Album of the week 
  • BBC Radio Scotland, Iain Anderson : Album of the Week

“Ange Hardy perfectly balances the strengths of traditional folk music with fresh writing...There is not a weak track among the 14 on Somerset singer-songwriter Ange Hardy's album The Lament of the Black Sheep”
     - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph  

“Another album that’s made an impact this year is ‘The Lament of the Black Sheep’ by Ange Hardy. Everybody in the studio was genuinely surprised to learn this new single was her own song, because it sounds like a song that’s been around for a hundred years or more. It’s a really neat trick to write songs that sound almost traditional!”
     - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

The Lament of The Black Sheep is "A collection of her own songs which sound as if they might be traditional. These are proper folk songs...a fine album immersed in the tradition, but with a modem perspective"
     -  Ian Croft, R2 magazine 

Bare Foot Folk is “A collection of unfailingly listenable, self-penned acoustic songs. Amongst this charming assortment of melodies we are treated to highly catchy tunes, some nods to ancient times as well as choice references to the present day.”
     - R2 Magazine (Rock'n'Reel) 

"An album that marks the arrival of a new star in the folk firmament."
     - Americana UK 

"Ange’s guitar technique and especially her voice are also major factors in the spectacular success of The Lament Of The Black Sheep."
     - Simon Holland, Folk Radio UK

"The Lament of The Black Sheep...By far my favourite album of 2014"
     - Gary Hazlehurst, The Folk Show, StaffordFM

“The fast-rising star of contemporary folk.”
     - Bright Young Folk

"Ange Hardy's one of the bright stars of the new wave of folk singers. What I like about her work is that while it is all new, all new written stuff, it seems deeply rooted in the story telling tradition. It doesn't have any element at all of pastiche it just seems to work incredibly well. She tells new stories in an age old way, I think it works terrifically well.' 
     - The Mike Harding Folk Show

"I cannot find fault with her songs at all, they had me gripped to my seat, hanging on to every word."

Maverick Magazine

"Ange's bursting onto the scene last year wasn't just down to her extraordinary talent as both a writer and performer, but also her willingness to put in the graft. Not only is she a true creative in her craft, she realises that in order for that to be truly appreciated, you need to make sure that you're being heard"
     - Neil King, FATEA Magazine

"Mightily impressed." 
     -  Mike Norris, EFDSS Classic Folk 

Ange Hardy is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist from West Somerset. In January 2014 she was awarded FATEA Magazine's prestigious “Female Vocalist of the Year” following the release of her 2013 album “Bare Foot Folk”.

R2 Magazine gave the album 4 stars and called it “a collection of unfailingly listenable, self-penned acoustic songs” whist Maverick Magazine said “cannot find fault with her songs at all, they had me gripped to my seat, hanging on to every word!”. Legendary folk presenter Mike Harding said of Ange's songwriting that “she writes all her own stuff, but they do sound as though they've come straight out of the soil of Devon and Somerset, I really like them!”.

Ange's new album “The Lament of The Black Sheep" is scheduled for release by Story Records on September 13th 2014. Where 'Bare Foot Folk' was about Ange Hardy stripping everything back to her roots 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' is about exploring the surrounding soil. These are songs of heritage, stories of working the land, tales deeply rooted in the traditions of rural life. 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' is a collection of original songs inspired by family, tradition, personal experience, and the tales of the west country.

Ange Hardy performs live as a solo act but her mesmerising combination of  beautiful story telling and delicate guitar work is given a contemporary twist through her exceptional use of 'live looping' to build vocal harmonies. Ange stands with a digital tape recorder at her feet that allows her to record and instantly play-back what she is singing. The effortlessness with which she builds layers of perfect harmonies in front of your eyes, combined with her honest and heartfelt insight into the stories and inspirations behind her songs, is absolutely captivating.

Ange's 2014 performance dates include a variety of theatres, folk clubs, and festivals and her set will include favourites from her previous two albums, as well as a number of new tracks from “The Lament of The Black Sheep”.